Nice Lollipops were created to make you smile & feel Nice! Crafted with real fruits & herbs, organic ingredients & nothing artificial. Infused with a 5:1 ratio of our full-spectrum rosin, they'll have you feelin' as Nice as they taste! And with All The Flavors you can try 'em all yourself or spread the Nice around. There's a flavor for every mood & a better mood with every lick!

5:1 All The Flavors

  • All Nice products are infused with our proprietary rosin pressed in-house from USDA organic hemp and are 100% legal. Pursuant to the 2018 Farm Bill, no hemp-derived product can contain more than .3% THC by final weight. With each Lollipop weighing 17 grams that leaves plenty of room to add in the Nice and still be completely compliant.