Nice was born back in 2014 when our founders, Angelo and Rashell, started making edibles in their kitchen in Brooklyn. The two shared a singular vision, to create the best possible weed products, unlike anything available at the time.

Rashell took her 12 years of restaurant, bar and food industry experience and combined it with her love for natural foods and plant medicines. Angelo had spent years in school, studying biology, only to turn his disillusionment with the corporate world into an exhilarating career as a NYC messenger.

The two saw the need for quality Cannabis products, especially after Rashell suffered a severe knee injury after getting hit by a cab while cycling. The strong pain medications that were prescribed  had a negative effect on her, causing bad mood swings and depression.  The answer? Nature had it. But there was a problem.

Everything available seemed to be full of the things we tried to avoid eating- artificial ingredients, high-fructose corn syrup and animal products. Also, most everything was made with extracts that used butane or other harsh chemicals.  It seemed counterproductive to eat something so unhealthy with the intent of healing your body. 

​So we decided to make something better. Real fruits, all organic ingredients and nothing artificial, ever. These things combined with our solventless rosin laid the foundation of our business. We entered into the California medical Cannabis industry back in 2016 and continued to learn about the many uses and benefits of this beloved plant. In 2018 when recreational Cannabis was legalized we decided to shift gears and focus on the many health benefits of craft hemp. We continue to make the products we want to use and now we can share them with our entire families, friends and you, too. 

Thanks for reading this and we hope to make your life a little nicer!