Nice was born organically out of a true love for the healing power of Cannabis and an unyielding commitment to quality. 

We were tired of ingesting quality medicine dumbed down with artificial 

ingredients and chemicals. So we decided to create something better.

With backgrounds in the culinary arts and in science we set to work creating 

products we feel good consuming and are proud to share with our families, our friends and with you!

Nice products are truly a labor love. Nice is a great way to start your day, enhance your productivity, your mood and your life!

Let's spread the Nice!



Our edibles are hand crafted in DTLA using the best quality ingredients available. Fresh fruit, organic ingredients and rosin pressed from organically grown, Sun and Earth Certified Hemp grown by East Fork Cultivars. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and no GMOs. 

We source our fruit from local farmer's markets because fresh fruit not only tastes better, and is better for us, but supporting our local farms is an important part of minimizing our carbon footprint. Sure, we could skip the fruit all together and flavor our candy with artificial flavors but then we wouldn't be Nice.

Real ingredients, real food, real nice. It's a difference you can taste, see and feel! 


Nice Rosin is the result of pressing the Cannabis plant in its complete & natural state to separate the magic from the plant.

In addition to THC and CBD, Cannabis contains hundreds of different cannabinoids and terpenoids, all with unique properties and effects.When these compounds work together their effects are magnified and much more effective than any single cannabinoid used in isolation.

This is what is known as the "Entourage Effect."

Our whole plant, solventless Rosin contains the full-spectrum of compounds, and in the same ratios, as are naturally present in the plant.

We believe nature has provided us with one of the most powerfully healing plants known to man and we are simply pressing out that magic!

In order to make the highest quality edibles possible, we go beyond the status quo. 

It all starts with local, organically grown Cannabis from which we makeour ice-water extracted hash and then press our rosin, all without using any harsh chemicals or solvents. The result of this hands-on process is a potent and pure THC extract. By 

using high pressure and minimal heat, many of the plants 

flavorful terpenes remain in tact, making it perfect for infusing our products with all of the medicine and just a hint of beautiful, clean 

Cannabis flavor. Enjoy!

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