Talk about an assortment! All The Flavors is just that. All of our Nice Lollipops together in one pack. Now you don't have to choose or play favorites. All the flavors, just for you. Hand crafted with real fruit & herbs, all organic ingredients & nothing artificial. 

Each Lollipop is infused with 30mg of our full-spectrum rosin, which contains all major & minor cannabinoids & naturally occuring terpenes of the hemp flower, for a powerful & uplifting effect, sure to have you feelin' as Nice as they taste! Perhaps even Nice enough to share. But even if you don't, you'll be Nice either way!

All The Flavors

  • 6 Lollipops

    Each Lollipop contains:

    • 30mg CBD
    • 1mg CBG
    • 1.3mg CBC
    • 1.1mg ∆9THC

    Plus all minor cannabinoids and naturally occuring terpenes of the hemp flower for a truly full-spectrum effect

    180mg total cannabinoids